Assignment Drafts

Assignment #1 Step 1 Draft

Assignment #1 Step 3 Draft

Assignment #1 Step 2-5 Final Draft

Assignment #2 Step 3 Draft

Assignment #2 Step 7-9 Draft

Assignment #2 Step 7 – 9 Spreadsheet

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passion Beyond reach

Your Only Limit is YOU

Accounting - A Journey like no other

1st year accounting

Follow me on my journey through Accounting, Learning and Online Communication.

P A I G E ~ W I L K I N S O N

Accountant In Training - ACCT11059

Accounting: More than Numbers

Expanding my horizons

Adam Lowien

Study and Preparation


ACCT11059 - Accounting Learning and Online Communication

Robbie T's CLUB ACCT11059

Getting into the Groove of Accounting, Learning and Online Communication!


ACCT11059 - Accounting, Learning and Online Communication

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