Stronger in Everyway

On Friday evening I was assigned my company, which is a New Zealand company called Steel & Tube. As the name suggests, they the leading manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of metal and related products in the not so distant Kiwi Land. They supply, distribute and manufacturer all the metal products you could dream of; from nuts and bolts, to roofing and farm fencing, to pipe fittings and valves; they have it all.

I was neither excited nor disappointed with my company assignment, as working for the company that I do, I am exposed to and work with a huge variety of industries on a daily basis. So having Steel & Tube as my assigned company feels a little like industrial home in a weird way.

Steel & Tube are going strong, and have over 60 years of trading experience in New Zealand. They engage in almost every market you could think of that has a metal need. From infrastructure, commercial and residential construction, both heavy and light engineering, to energy, manufacturing and rural sectors.

I have found that they have are in fact going so strong that they have opened a new complex in Dunedin which consolidates several previous complex’s into one. Christchurch, Steel & Tube is also consolidating several businesses into two larger facilities, centralising its distribution and processing hubs for Canterbury with the work expected to be completed later this year and early 2018 respectively.

Steel & Tube have a management team that is built of six directors and a lead team of eight. They are committed to publicly showing the Governance with the below charters and policies:


Their commitment to delivering exceptional service, quality and value to their customers and shareholders is maintained through their people who always act safe and are reliable, accountable and committed. Quality is a major focus point of the exceptional service and Steel & Tube as even have their own Quality Policy . This policy highlights that they are committed to the principle that all customers and stakeholders should expect consistent, outstanding service, and quality products from their company. There are no exceptions to this and as their slogan suggests; they are Stronger in Everyway.

Everyone loves a slogan, and even if I think “Stronger in Everyway” is simple, I simply love it! I find that keeping things uncomplicated is clever, and over thinking something as simple as a slogan can really change your first impressions. They have stuck with what they know, and what they do best.


From my initial findings of Steel & Tube, I have found out some insightful information and can’t wait to share the more I know. But for now,  I am off to dive deep into the world of Steel & Tube, and will see you on the other side of their financial statements!






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  1. Dear Lauren
    Thankyou for your post.
    I have learnt from your company that they manufacture everything out of steel, whether it is solid, or tube. It has been going for 60 years and seems in a strong position being able to expand to Dunedin. I like the motto of outstanding service, and there would have been a commitment to this to keep people coming back to this company. I enjoyed the layout wtih a centred text. Would you see any problems with the company ? What do you think is the most important part of the company to you?
    I wonder if we have any of their products on our farm. My company Qube Holdings may have taken stock from New Zealand to Australia perhaps as it specialises in logistics and sea cargo.

    Kind regards Wendy Armstrong


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